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U.S. Senator Nelson from Nebraska introduced a bill today to end the practice of airlines providing elite security lines. These lines which require the user: to maintain some sort of elite level; have the correct credit-card; or purchase the service from the airline allow the passenger expedited access to the TSA checkpoint. The users clear the same security as everyone else it just takes less time to do so.

Why is this a big deal? Well there was a companion article in Slate that calls these lines racist and un-American. Whether or not they are racist is up for you all to decide. What they are to the airlines is another opportunity to make money of the flying public. It is for this reason that they are not going away. I don’t think Sen. Nelson expects this bill to go anywhere as well.

Every day bills are introduced in congress. They are assigned to a committee who is supposed to hold hearings on them and then either reject the bill or pass it back into the house or senate for a full vote. The majority of bills introduced never even get a hearing, they “die in committee.” My guess is we will never hear from this bill again as it too will die in committee. You can read both articles below.,0,1359084.story

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