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I’ve talked about Boeing in the past. You may not have heard about Embraer. Embraer is Brazilian aerospace company that make regional jets. Depending which airline you fly there are EMB-120 prop jets, the small ERJ-135/145 and the ERJ-170/5 190/5 regional jets.

On March 22nd the two companies agreed to partner on bio-fuel development. (link)

This is interesting for two reasons. One, neither company makes the engines that would burn the bio-fuel. Major engine producers are Rolls-Royce, GE, and Pratt and Whitney. The partnership was expanded on in article from, (Link)

Now comes the second reason, the partnership could lead to the joint development of aircraft. I am not so sure that is going to happen. It would be nice though. The article appears to be straight speculation on the part of

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