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What a mess AA has gotten themselves into. First the bankruptcy now this.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the aviation community, there was a huge hail storm in the Dallas area. Dallas is home to AA’s largest hub at DFW airport. This has caused huge problems as AA has had to cancel flights to inspect for and repair hail damage. I think the final count was over 1600 flights, though I could be wrong on that.

Now AA is facing “Operation Aluminum.” AA’s flight attendants are apparently going to start industrial actions designed to further hamper AA’s operations. This operation is apparently led by a cross-dressing former flight attendant who was fired by AA for posting video critical of AA on YouTube.

AA’s situation continues to devolve as the proceed through the bankruptcy process. With US interested in making a bid for AA, AA’s flight attendants and pilots better take note. Back in 2001 when AA took over TWA, then in Ch. 11, AA sent all of the TWA pilots and flight attendants to the bottom of the seniority list. This left both groups basically unemployed. US, if they take over AA, will do the same thing. US can’t stomach another labor dispute so they will mollify that group by sending AA labor to the bottom of the list.

To AA labor, you want a different situation, be careful what you wish for you may just get it.

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