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For those of you that are not familiar with Hotel programs here’s how they work. One earns points for how much they spend. Hotel Chains break their properties down into discrete groups. Each group has their own points per/night cost.

Well Hilton published their list of “point breaks” this is the list of properties that change categories.

Hilton has 7 categories Cat 1-7, from 7,500 pts per night to 50,000 pts per night.

My friend said it best,

Looks like the judge finally signed the order finalizing Hilton’s divorce from reality.
Let me disclose, I am mid-tier in Hilton and they are the only Hotel program I am apart of. They do not pay me and I doubt they will start after this article.
Frankly the list speaks for itself, but I will highlight some of the changes.
All London Hiltons move to Cat 7. No doubt for the olympics.
Hilton Galveston Island
The Embassy Suites Destin, FL
Hilton Boston Logan Airport
and the Saratoga Hilton
All join the Cat 7 list that includes the Paris Hilton and the Hilton Bora Bora, I don’t see the Hilton Galveston Island measuring up.
Cat 6 is just as bad.
I just have one thing to say about this,
The Embassy Suites Lubbock, TX
Whys is this the way it is. Well for that you have to look at how the Hilton program is run and how programs operate generally. First, the hotels which are not owned or operated by the flag company, (Hilton is a flag) buy points from Hilton. When people redeem those points, Hilton pays the hotel for the room. Hilton decides on the point breaks primarily based on how much the hotel charges them for a room.
Hilton makes serious bank selling points and they in-fact give them away. A top tier member with the top credit card can earn up 29pts/dollar on a hotel stay before bonuses. This has resulted in a serious number of points being issued and redeemed. Hilton to avoid losing money has to inflate either the tier levels or move properties up the list. Which is what they have done. The result is this.
If anyone redeems 50k points at the Hilton Galveston Island, let me know I want to talk to you.

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