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The for-profit aviation blogger is an interesting person. They are out there and they want you to click on their link to any number of credit cards. Basically they the blogger gets a “referral commission” when you get approved for a card using a link to their page,

Right now, you can tell who the for-profits are because they are pimping the Chase BA visa. They are telling you about all of the cool features ect all in the hope of getting you to click their link so they can get paid. There is nothing wrong with getting paid, heck I want to get paid. I am not going to get paid because of this blog though.

This begs the question who am I and why did I start this blog. Well I am a late 20’s aviation addict. I am fascinated by all aspects of commercial air transport. I started this blog not because I had any particular agenda but mostly I wanted to improve my writing. I figured that by writing short pieces about aviation, I’ll be able to improve my writing and get some news out there.

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