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Monthly Archives: October 2012

One of United Airlines’ problems as of late has been dispatch reliability. Dispatch reliability is a measure of an airline’s ability to dispatch the flights, get them off the gate and on their way. Single type airlines like Southwest have a very high dispatch reliability score, due in no small part to only flying one type of plane. With United’s merger with Continental, the number of types of planes in service nearly doubled. This makes it difficult to keep up a high level of dispatch reliability. For example, if an airport has 737, A320, and ERJ-145 service, United has to keep common spares on hand for each type of plane at that airport. That is both difficult and expensive, but all too common. United has chosen to combat this problem by establishing certain discrete bases for their aircraft. Houston will be home to a large number of A320/319’s, Denver will be home to the 737, and now San Francisco will be home to the only 747 base. Basically if it is a long-haul route on UA out of SFO it will probably be on a 747. This doesn’t mean other airports won’t see the 747, it just means the plane originated from them.

Some of the route changes occurring are as follows

KIX, NRT, FRA, LHR, and NRT-HNL will all move to 747 service.

Of course nothing is official until you see it in print, so right now this is just a rumor.

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Air New Zealand is known for making cheeky advertising and safety videos. Those were some on their successes. One of their unsuccessful ones involved Richard Simmons. I leave you to Google that one all by yourself. Now with the release of “The Hobbit” movie, Air New Zealand has released another safety video themed for the unexpected journey. Have fun, and don’t forget to keep it secret and keep it safe. Though you should pass if you take the journey.

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If you would like to donate funds for Sandy relief, I have a link to crowdwise that will accept donations. United Mileage Plus members will also earn bonus miles for their donation.

I would like to be very clear, I get nothing from posting this link.

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Newark and JFK will open at 0700 Eastern on 10/31 with limited service. LGA is still closed

US Airways has reported through Bloomberg news that power is still out for Newark Airport. Most airlines have stated that they plan to restart NYC operations on the first. However, Delta Airlines plans to run a limited schedule out of JFK when it reopens at 1PM Eastern tomorrow.

Currently, LaGuardia Airport is still closed and very flooded. It is unlikely to re-open in the next couple of days. John F. Kennedy Airport is closed but is looking to resume limited service tomorrow. I have been unable to find information about Newark International airport, but NJ Transit is shut down according to NJ Gov. Christie NJ Transit suffered “Major damage.” So their will be no regional service into Newark even if it is open.

The Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority that oversees Dulles International Airport (IAD) and Regan National Airport (DCA) are both undamaged and ready to resume service. In fact both airports are “open” at this time, but presumably all carriers have canceled service from both airports today. The Airport Authority is advising all travelers to contact their airlines from home and not come to airport. Airline staff at both airports is limited and that will presumably not change throughout the day. I suspect that airlines will resume limited operations starting tomorrow.

Please see their website and twitter for more information and @dcaiports

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My thoughts and prayers go out to all those effected by Hurricane Sandy. I wish everyone and every city/town/state effected a speedy recovery.

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Normal Day

Hurricane Sandy

Pictures courtesy of the NYNJ Port Authority.,

It’s the weekend, no real serious post. So here it is, your moment of zen.



Hat tip to the Gadling blog.