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The Travel Channel show “MIA 24/7” débuted last night with a two episode premiere. The show is in the vein of the late nineties early 2000’s BBC “Airport” program and is a behind the scenes look at the operations of the Miami International Airport. The program itself features various personalities from MIA including, airport management, police, USCIS, TSA, and airline personnel. During the show, you see standard airline operations, customs inspections, human interest, and security operations. These types of shows are successful because airports are dramatic places, where you see people at their best and at their worst. If you want to see people at their best in an Airport check out the opening sequence to “Love Actually” which features reunions in Heathrow Airport or Ben Affleck’s monologue on Airports in “Dogma.”

The show has apparently secured high level access with the Department of Homeland Security for access to USCIS operations and TSA operations. The show’s producers have appeared to pay a heavy price for this access. Most of the scenes that feature those agencies are more like propaganda than actual reality. For example, in the scene where we meet the MIA director of security, she holds up a box cutter and declares “This was the box cutter used in 9/11; well not really, it’s one just like it.” She was clearly hamming it up for the camera. This trend continues in all of the scenes where Homeland security appears.

Outside of the televised propaganda, the show does do a good job of showing the daily drama that goes with any major airport. I would recommend this show to anyone with an interest in airport operations or commercial aviation. Happy Travels.

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