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If you have had the pleasure of leaving Chicago on an international flight you may have been through Terminal 5. Built in 1993 it is the international terminal serving all international arrivals and departures excluding American, United, Lufthansa, and ANA. Separated from the other terminals at ORD it is widely known as being a dump. What concessions are there, are landside and the TSA checkpoint is known for being slow. Well, the City of Chicago, the airport authority and others have announced plans to renovate T5. They even made a snazzy youtube video about it.


While there are many things that airport can do to make the travel experience smoother, there is really only one amenity I can see myself shelling out for time and time again, showers. If they put in showers, even if they are pay-per-use, it would be amazing. Otherwise the food and stuff is cool, but it mostly just yawn.


Happy Flying!


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