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I have gotten any real feedback on my blog post from last Friday, until today. What feedback I have been getting has been negative. Aviation blogging has been taking off recently. Several blogs such as “The Wandering Aramean” and “One Mile at a Time” have become rather well known in the aviation community. With the latter, the writer has gone to monetize his blog through referral links. Aviation bloggers are seen as attention seekers and that in some cases is a fair description. While I do not deny enjoying the attention I’ve been getting, I had an interview with AP and was quoted in a Washington Post piece, it is not why I write this blog. I write because I find the topic interesting and I want to improve my writing.


Through my conversation with AP, the TSA has declined to comment on the story. That’s in line with government policy on security matters. I would like to know why the TSA in collaboration with the Airlines couldn’t come up with an encoding system for the bar codes on airline boarding passes. The effect of such a system would be that when anyone puts their boarding pass into one of the online barcode readers, the output is just a string of characters. The airline and TSA scanners would have chip that contains the decryption key, which would turn the data into the information we see currently.


I don’t know, maybe the TSA will come out with something like this.


Happy Flying!


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