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American Eagle, the regional carrier of American Airlines, announced that it was ending service out of San Juan, PR. See the Travel Weekly article for more information. This well and truly marks the end of AA’s SJU hub operation that had been on the decline for several years now, leaving only Caracas as the only non-hub flight. According to the article, when operations stop in March it will leave some smaller islands with limited or without air service. AA, has been consolidating their Caribbean operation in MIA hub where they will continue to operate to most of the islands that saw service out of SJU.

JetBlue in what has been described as a gentleman’s agreement with AA has been picking up some of the routes that AA has abandoned. In fact terminal A, which was originally designed a hub terminal for AA, is now mostly occupied by JetBlue. If you go through the terminal there is an awkward seating area where the AA lounge was going to be. The current AA club in terminal D is for the moment going to stay open, in part because of the Iberia flight to Madrid, but it will be interesting to see how long that lasts.

I was through SJU over the summer and I took some time to walk through the D/E concourse occupied by AA. It’s in a sad shape. There is a globe mural that had all of AA’s destinations marked out on it, those will be just memories. The concourse has this abandoned feel to it, all of the counters are still there, but you can see where the computers had been pulled out and the same for gate displays. That section of SJU is decaying slowing. It’s sad.

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