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If you haven’t seen the movie “Sneakers” I suggest you do so. If you have this scene should be very familiar.

The takeaway is that things do not operate on reality but on the perception of reality. The  DC-10 was developed in the 1970’s as a replacement for the DC-8. Originally designed to be a widebody passenger plane after several nasty incidents, people stopped wanting to fly DC-10s.

The point I am trying to make is that the perception of reliability has little to do with reliability. Continuing on with the DC-10, it still sees passenger service today and was in service with American carriers up until 2007 or with the end of ATA. The DC-10 is also a workhorse cargo plane making up a large portion of FedEX’s fleet.

Currently, the Boeing 787 has been having some electrical issues. While every plane has maintenance issues, the situation surrounding Boeing’s 787 has been making things worse not better. Aviation people and newsmen around the world are watching to see if the 787 will succeed or fail. This combined with all of the new technology in the plane has put the plane under a microscope. Issues that wouldn’t merit a second glance on any other have made national news when on a 787.

This news if it continues will end up being like the video. The perception of fault with the 787 will drive passengers and by result airlines away from the 787. This is obviously not good for the 787, the airlines that have purchased the 787, and Boeing.

A faulty perception ended the DC-10 as a passenger plane, will the same happen to the 787? I don’t think so, but if these overblown news stories continue, maybe.


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