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John Pistole announced today that the TSA is the gold standard of aviation security.


First go huh?

Mr. Pistole attributed this to the lack of domestic terror acts initiated from United States airports. While that number is zero, it is see to that Mr. Pistole has been drinking the kool-aid and not in a good.

First, there Israeli security at Ben Gurion International Airport, which is widely thought of as the best aviation security in the world.

Next, there are the TSA success of searching grandmas and young children. While recently these problems have abated they are well known.

Then, there are the ways around the TSA well publicized layers including ways to avoid detection on the millimeter wave scanner as well as hacking boarding pass and getting around the no-list.

Also, there was the famous list of TSA suspect countries published through a poorly redacted sensitive information document.

Finally, there is the general lack of professionalism of the line TSA members, including lack of knowledge of appropriate identification, stealing, and retaliatory actions. (see my post about Mr. Tobey’s protest of intensive body searches)


Mr. Pistole, your agency has to be the gold in order for you to call it the gold standard. Until then it is just like the USA Today article says, a butt of late-night TV jokes.


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