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Spirit Airlines, the American LCC today added three new routes to their network starting in late April. Houston-Los Angeles, Las Vegas-Philadelphia, and Las Vegas-Baltimore.

Philadelphia is in direct competition with US Airways. Baltimore replaces an America West route abandoned after the merger with US Airways.

Houston-Los Angeles is a hub-to-hub route for United so it will be interesting to see what, if any, effect it has on United’s pricing in that market. Currently, United is charging $682.00 for a non-stop and Spirit is charging $83.00, probably closes to $170.00 after all the fees, for their non-stop.

This move by spirit is good for them. They get into a market that until recently has been dominated by United. However, recent actions by United show that are backing away from their Houston hub operation. It looks like Spirit is going to go into Houston and pick up some of that slack.

H/T to Airline Route Blog.

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