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Airbus publishes their order book on a monthly basis. For the poor much maligned A318 the order book has fallen to one. That frame destined for corporate customers will in all probability mark the end of A318 production.

The A318 was never a very popular aircraft. The majority of orders came from Frontier, and the basically retired the type. In fact several years ago, Frontier started scrapping their rather young A318s because no one wanted to buy them.

Current operators are as follows:

British Airways 2 (NYC-LYC service)

Frontier 2 or 3 (depending on who you ask)

Tarom 4


Avianca 10

Air France 18 (largest type operator)

Oddly enough the A318 was not least popular commercial jet ever made. The Concorde had only 14 in service and the 737-100 had only 15 if I recall correctly. The might be a few more obscure ones but those are the two I can think of off the top of my head.

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