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Interjet Airlines yesterday finalized a deal to replace its domestic fleet with 100 Sukhoi SSJ-100s. The SSJ-100 is a Russian regional developed through a joint venture between Russian manufacturer Sukhoi and Boeing. This order represents the first time as far as I know of a Russian aircraft manufacturer delivering outside of former Eastern Bloc countries including Cuba. This is big for the Russian commercial aviation industry which hasn’t really ever seen true commercial success.


The SSJ-100 competes against the Embraer ERJ-195 and Canadair CRJ-1000, both very popular regional aircraft. Obviously Interjet sees something in the SSJ-100 that other airlines do not. If I had to guess that would probably be price. Airbus cut sweetheart deals with Northwest and America West to get the A320 into service in the United States, no doubt Sukhoi badly wants to carve out market share for its aircraft as well. Time will tell if the 100 SSJ-100’s will get Sukhoi the exposure it needs to develop markets outside of Russia.

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