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So the thing for kids to do this moment is the Harlem Shake, it’s the latest meme. Here’s how it works, one person is dancing alone for 15 seconds then after a jump cut the frame is filled with dancing people. All of this set to the first thirty seconds of, you guessed it, “Harlem Shake.” Now the Colorado College ultimate frisbee team was traveling from Colorado Springs to San Diego for a tournament and they made this video.

Now the FAA has seen the video and felt the need to investigate to see if there were any safety violations. Really? The flight crew doesn’t appear to be joining in either part of the video. The passengers seemed ok with it and as far as I know, no one has complained to either the airline or the FAA. As long as the seatbelt sign was off, there does not appear to be any safety violations visible in the shots. The FAA drones have decided this worthy of investigation. If there is more to this investigation than the FAA calling Frontier and asking “was everything ok on that flight?” and Frontier affirming that fact, it is waste of government resources to investigate kids being silly at 35,000 ft. Both the kids and Frontier have spoken to the press confirming that nothing improper was done and the video was shot with full consent of the crew and passengers.


Now, today is March 1, 2013 aka day one of Sequestration. If the FAA insists on wasting tax payer dollars investigating harmless fun they deserve whatever budget cuts they get. So FAA there is only one thing for you to do; do the Harlem Shake.

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