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Last year I wrote about how a person could conceivably take their boarding pass and edit it in such a way as to permit the passenger to use the PreCheck TSA line. The TSA has been telling us for years that all of the added security at U.S. airports is necessary. With the PreCheck system it suddenly became ok for frequent travelers and other people who submitted their information to the government to go through less stringent security. Through the use of online barcode readers, barcode makers, and something like MS Paint, it became possible for any determined person to edit themselves a new boarding pass that would allow them to go through the less stringent PreCheck security lane. As I pointed out this is an obvious security flaw. I suggested encoding the data on the boarding pass, but the powers that be had another idea in mind.

The airlines with what I have to assume is the permission of the TSA are now publishing a traveler’s PreCheck status right on the boarding pass. One doesn’t have to decode the barcode all one has to do is look on the boarding pass. I assume that one would still have to edit the barcode in order to change one’s status. This change makes it easier for the person who wishes to use the PreCheck lane to get the PreCheck information and either edit their boarding pass or try again on another ticket.

In short the government and the airlines have made it easier for a person to self-select which security line they want to use.

To me this confirms what I already know, most the security in U.S. airports is just theater, it doesn’t make us more safe it just makes most people feel safer.

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