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Last week I took a trip on Delta to a destination in the Southeast. For those that follow my blog you may remember the last time I got on a Delta flight was at the end of 2012 and that was because I had a Delta voucher. Well this trip was for business and the organization that made the arrangements purchased the ticket for me. So, I had no say in the ticket which was fine. The ticket was fairly last minute and when booked therefore I was in the middle-seat on Phoenix-Atlanta. That wouldn’t do so I availed myself of the only option to get out of the middle-seat, I paid $60.00 for an economy comfort seat.

The Delta terminal at Phoenix is about as nice as the United terminal, just with no club. Delta previously had a Crown Room Club here but I think that closed along the same time as when the other not-so-profitable CRCs closed in 2007. I was originally scheduled to be on an ex-NW 757-300 but a late aircraft substitution turned that into a 767-300. The 767 I was one is one seven Delta has in that configuration. I figure Delta probably uses them as spares in Atlanta. The flight itself was routine, service was good. However, due to the international configuration of the plane there were no menus on board for the BoB service. Also, Delta is now selling headphones in coach for $2.00 each, pass. Delta still has free snacks on board, peanuts, biscoffs, and pretzels. I think they are the only of the legacy carriers that still do that.

We got into Atlanta pretty early and I had a longish layover so I headed to the best airport restaurant in the country, One Flew South This place is amazing it serves new-southern food and Japanese sushi. I know that sounds weird but trust me it’s good. I only get one thing when I go there, the burger. The OFS burger ranks easily in the top 5 burgers I have ever had and that is saying a lot with the new burger craze going on in the United States. The burger plus a basil julep put me in the right frame of mind for the rest of my trip.

I left OFS and went to the gate for my next flight. My connecting flight was delayed an hour due to the incoming flight being delayed.  That flight was on a MD-90, which isn’t the most comfortable but it was ok.

After my meetings I overnighted and had the 0700 flight to Atlanta. I was a bit weary looking at the shuttle schedule from my hotel but I doubled-down and took the 0600 shuttle to the airport. On this flight I was supposed to be stuck in the middle seat with no options to get out it without paying. When checking in it was $19.00 for an aisle seat or $29.00 for an exit row or economy comfort seat. I passed on all of those. It was a short flight so I could handle the middle seat. When I got to the gate area I asked the gate agent for an aisle seat. The agent offered me an exit row seat, I took it. Unlike US Airways, Delta will give away their “premium” coach seats at the gate. US tried to charge me on my SFO-PHX flight back in May for an aisle seat.

The flight to Atlanta was on ex-Song 757. Song was the short lived LCC arm of Delta. Launched around 2006 Song used a fleet of Delta 757s equipped with limited live TV. The Song concept died out after a couple of years just like United’s “Ted.” I knew it was an Ex-Song bird because of the the the Live TV controls in the armrest. Delta has since upgraded the planes to include AVOD in addition to Live TV. I think Delta charges for some content, but the “Breaking Bad” episode I watched was free. (YEAH SCIENCE!)

We made it to Atlanta early, however that time was eaten up making our way to the terminal from the new runway. I’m pretty sure that runway is actually in Florida but I could  be wrong about that. I had a shorter layover so I just went to the gate and ran out the clock on my connection.  The last flight was also on a 752, this one was sans personal IFE so it was back to the iPad. There was Wi-Fi on the plane but I passed on it. This time I was in a window seat so it cold, but a couple of Delta blankets kept me warm. United and US Airways have long since stopped providing blankets.

We got into Phoenix on-time and I quickly made my way to my car, in-an-out for a burger, and home.

Delta has a great on-board product in all classes. It is just a piety that their SkyMiles program is terrible. Be that as it may, I now have elite status on Delta until 2015.

Happy Travels!


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