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Saudi Arabia and Israel do not have any diplomatic relations. A result of this is Saudi Arabia does not allow Israeli citizens into Saudi Arabia and they can not transit Saudi Arabia either. Since well pretty much all of Saudi Arabian Airlines’ flights transit their hub in Saudi Arabia Israeli citizens are not allowed on Saudi Arabian Airlines flights. This is neither a new issue or an unexpected issue. However, due to the NYC mayor’s race, the issue has come up again.

In an attempt to curry favor with the pro-Israel vote in New York City, Mayoral Candidate and Public Advocate, Bill de Blasio set up a “sting” where they posed as an Israeli and tried to buy a ticket on Saudi Arabian Airlines. The airline refused to sell them a ticket. Now de Blasio is advocating that Saudi Arabian Airlines be banned from from flying into NYC because of national and racial discrimination.

Seriously??? Never mind that no airline will sell an Israeli citizen a ticket to Saudi Arabia, because that person will just get turned around at the border and the airline will be fined. My friend in NYC pointed out that this just another publicity stunt designed to curry favor with the Pro-Israel voting bloc in NYC. I have to agree with that, this issue was brought up when Saudi Arabian Airlines entered SkyTeam and nothing came of it then. The Middle East is a mess entirely of their own making and I have no sympathy for either side. Seeing as this is a non-issue and I blame both sides, I’m cutting this off here.

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