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A body fell from Air France flight 547 on approach to Niamy, Niger before continuing on to Paris. The Airbus 330-200 originated from Ouagadougau, Burkina Faso. The person, a presumed stowaway, had most likely hidden in one of the wheel wells  and fallen when the gear opened for landing. As the flight was only 261 miles long, it highly likely that the individual was still alive at the time of his fall. Most stowaways freeze to death due to the extreme cold from long periods of high altitude flight. Unfortunately, this event is not uncommon and happens several times a year from flights originating in Africa. A post flight inspection of the aircraft discovered blood on one of the wings and the plane has been grounded pending a more thorough inspection.

I really wish events like this didn’t happen, but they do. Events like this only serve to reinforce the idea that something needs to be done to help the developing world.

As my normal signature would seem trite, I will only say be well.


H/T Aviation Herald.

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