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What is Standby, basically you show up to the airport in advance of your flight and try to hop on an earlier flight. Airlines used to do this as a matter of routine because it is a win-win. The airlines fill a seat that would have gone out empty and they get an open seat on a later flight that can be used for IRROPS. The passenger wins because they get to go somewhere sooner. However, US Airlines discovered this could be a revenue stream and have changed their policies to get customers to pay for the┬áprivilege. ┬áSome airline force customers to use the “Same day confirmed or SDC” this means for a reduced fee airlines will confirm the passenger on to an earlier flight. We’ll discuss that policy in another post. So when you see references to SDC that’s what that means.

Here is the list of US Airline policies:

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Last Week Airlines 101: Fare Class

If you haven’t read last week’s post about fare class you’ll need to go back read that to understand Fare Buckets.

Last week we discussed all the different fare classes for a one-way united ticket from PHX to MCO on October 1, 2013. This week are going to change it up a little and use July 1, 2013 as an example. So last week we discussed “S” being the cheapest published fare in the market. Great we want to purchase said “S” fare for PHX-MCO on July 1, 2013. So we go on to and search for lowest fare flights we see this flight:

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I write a lot about airlines and mistake fares, but rarely do write a nuts and bolts piece. When you go to or and search for airline tickets, you get flights and prices. Airlines 101 is going to be a series of posts dedicated how that list of flights and prices is generated. Airlines 101 will also include frequent flyer tips and really any useful posts that will benefit airline customers. Today’s topic is fares. Generally when you do the search above you get various options and at various prices. Let’s take Phoenix to Orlando leaving on October 1, 2013. I plug that search into and I get these results:

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