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Saudi Arabia and Israel do not have any diplomatic relations. A result of this is Saudi Arabia does not allow Israeli citizens into Saudi Arabia and they can not transit Saudi Arabia either. Since well pretty much all of Saudi Arabian Airlines’ flights transit their hub in Saudi Arabia Israeli citizens are not allowed on Saudi Arabian Airlines flights. This is neither a new issue or an unexpected issue. However, due to the NYC mayor’s race, the issue has come up again.

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The DOT yesterday issued a “show cause” order detailing how the new Brazil slots for this year and next year are to be divided among the bidders. Here was my prediction.

This year



Next year



Those were my predictions. Here is what the show cause order says

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Today the DOT released its decision on what to do with the DCA slot pair that Spirit Airlines returned to the DOT when it shifted service from DCA to Baltimore/Washington Airport. There were three bids for the slot pair and today the DOT awarded Southwest the slot to start HOU-DCA.

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The TSA Pre-Check program that features reduced security for passengers deemed low risk has been rolled out to international flights leaving the US. Previously, a person eligible for pre-check that was on an international flight was unable to use the pre-check security.


On May first, Southwest airlines agreed to a $150,000 civil penalty assessed by the DOT for violations of Federal Air Regulations. The Regulation violated mandates that a carrier providing secluded air service with aircraft with more than 19 seats respond to consumer complaints within a 30 to 45 days depending on the nature of the complaint.

Apparently in 2012 Southwest pushed out an update to their website that resulted in Southwest not receiving complaints that had been filed on the website. Out of the $150,000, Southwest has to provider refunds in the amount of $115,000 and pay the government $35,000. In case you’re wondering Southwest has to use to tender the $35,000.


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Being the not so good blogger I am, I went back to the docket today to have a look at the what the DOT is saying about awarding the available Brazil-US slots. Currently, the slots have not been awarded. According to a published timetable the DOT plans on having a final decision issued no earlier than the middle of next month. The only thing of interest so far was that Delta wanted US Airways and United to disclose the lease agreement that allows US Airways to use United’s slots for their Charlotte-Brazil flight. The DOT denied that motion.


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Sorry for being away for the past couple of days, I’ve been kind of sick. But anyways on the with the show.

Previously, I reported on American applying to start LA-Sao Paulo this year and Chicago-Sao Paulo next year. Now airlines had 15 days to file bids. After those 15 days had expired, US Airways and Delta both filed bids. You can read all of the information in the bids in the link at the bottom of the page. Now lets start with U.S. Airways bid.

U.S. Airways is asking for 7 frequencies starting this October for Charlotte-Sao Paulo and 7 starting in 2014 for Philadelphia-Sao Paulo. Currently, U.S. Airways is leasing the frequencies to run Charlotte-Sao Paulo from United, so getting these frequencies would obviate the need for the lease.

Delta is asking for 14 frequencies to run Atlanta/JFK- Sao Paulo to start this year and 7 frequencies to start Detroit Sao-Paulo next year.

So there are 14 frequencies to be allocated this year. Delta wants all 14, American wants 7, and US wants 7. There are also 14 slots next year Which Delta wants 7, AA wants 7, and US wants 7. More applicants than frequencies so some will win and some will lose. Let’s start with this year.

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Back on February 20th I wrote a post about how the DOT was putting additional US-Brazil route authorities up for bid. The deadline to submit a bid is today and so far only one airline has applied for the slots. American Airlines submitted an application yesterday to start Los Angeles-Sao Paulo on Nov 21 of this year and Chicago-Sao Paulo on November 20, 2014. They plan to start service using 777-200s. For the United customers in LAX this will mark a welcome change from having to first get to IAD, IAH, or EWR, and will bring some competition with United on the ORD-GRU route.!documentDetail;D=DOT-OST-2013-0041-0001

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So the thing for kids to do this moment is the Harlem Shake, it’s the latest meme. Here’s how it works, one person is dancing alone for 15 seconds then after a jump cut the frame is filled with dancing people. All of this set to the first thirty seconds of, you guessed it, “Harlem Shake.” Now the Colorado College ultimate frisbee team was traveling from Colorado Springs to San Diego for a tournament and they made this video.

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The DOT under its agreement with their Brazilian counterpart has opened up new frequencies for bidding. Starting on 2/15 and going for 15 days carriers can submit bids to the DOT for routes starting on October 1, 2013

14 frequencies to anywhere in Brazil

14 frequencies to anywhere in Brazil excluding San Paulo


14 frequencies to anywhere in Brazil excluding San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

For routes starting on October 1, 2014

14 frequencies to anywhere in Brazil excluding San Paulo


21 frequencies to anywhere in Brazil excluding San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

According to the DOT Docket no applications have been filed. I imagine that will change at least for the 14 frequencies that equal two daily flights to anywhere in Brazil. Currently most US airlines operate red-eyes in both directions. This allocation would allow them to run day flights on that route and increase aircraft utilization as the planes currently sit on the ground all day in Brazil. Delta may take some of the more restrictive slots as they tend to start any route they can think of (and drop it less than a year later, but that’s another post).

You can find the DOT docket on, here!docketDetail;D=DOT-OST-1998-20

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