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AirTran Airlines today was assessed a $100,000 civil penalty of which $50,000 has been deferred because of deceptive advertising. From September to December last year AirTran ran an advertising campaign touting its new credit card that would give out two free round-trip tickets if the minimum spend was reached.  While AirTran did not charge any fees on those tickets, they failed to mention that the consumer would have to pay the 9/11 security fee which is $2.50 per flight number up to $10.00 per ticket on the advertising.

While the order didn’t mention how the DOT became aware of this, I can only assume some of people who got the card, met the several thousand dollar minimum spend, and redeemed free tickets filled DOT complaints about the 9/11 fee. While it is a nominal fee, airlines are compelled to disclose the fee in their advertising which AirTran here failed to do. For that they get to visit and hand over 50K. The other 50k fine will be waived if AirTran doesn’t commit any more advertising violations in the next year.

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Cute title aside US Airways is giving out bonus miles for people who purchase US Airways miles for the month of May. It is up to a 100% bonus on miles purchased, but is it a good deal?

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The documentary TV show “Airport 24/7” started its second season last night. Following the format of the first season they showed two episodes back-to-back. The show follows a pretty standard format; there is the “big event” which carries throughout the episode, a smaller event and a human interest segment. The first episode was about the January 10th accident where an Aerolines Argentias A340 taxied on the wrong line and their winglet dragged into the elevator on an Air France 77W scheduled to depart for Paris. The second episode dealt with a fatal bus accident that killed two people landside.

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Delta, American, and US Airways have submitted their complete applications for the new Brazil routes to the DOT for approval. Basically all of the follow applications say the same thing, why the applying airline would be a better choice than the other airlines. You can read all three applications in the links below if you want.

American Airlines Brazil Application

Delta Airlines Brazil Application

US Airways Brazil Application

However, there was only one thing that really interested me in the application. That one this is the projected fuel burn numbers for the route. The Airlines complain a lot about how expensive fuel is, these numbers may provide the best insight into how much the airlines actually spend. Lets have a look shall we?

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Delta Airlines today loaded Atlanta – Anchorage 21JUN13 – 31AUG13 once daily for the summer season.

DL1776 will leave at 3:00 PM arriving in Anchorage at 6:30 PM. The return flight DL 1785 will leave Anchorage at 7:30 PM arriving in Atlanta at 6:35 AM + 1 day.  The flight which is 3,417 miles is just shorter than New York-London at 3,465 miles.

While it is a long flight, it is no where near the longest domestic flight which is New York to Honolulu at 4,962 miles, which is slightly longer than Seattle to Tokyo at 4,769 miles.

For the record the longest domestic flight in the world is Paris-Orly to Reunion Island which is 5,802 miles.



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