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I got an e-mail announcing the death of bmi.

The e-mail stated a couple of things:

1. as of April 20, 2012 (today) bmi is no longer in star alliance.

2. Star alliance benefits will continue until the end of May 2012, except on Lufthansa Group airlines which ends today.

3. members will get equivalent status in BA’s executive club and have the option to transfer miles on a 1:1 basis.

Most telling of all, there was no announcement of bmi joining OW. It’s these last two I find most interesting. This basically signals the final death of the airline as a whole. It appears that IAG/BA intend not to run bmi as a subsidiary airline, like Iberia, but to fold operations into BA.

This is a sad day for both the employees of bmi and for the people who fly bmi. I always maintained that the best possible outcome for bmi would have been to merger with Virgin Atlantic so there would be two major carriers at Heathrow. Now there is only going to be BA and also ran VS.

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According to the BBC, Virgin Atlantic has filed an appeal with the European Commission to block the sale of bmi to IAG  (British Airways). Now the EC has already approved the sale, and Virgin Atlantic has already committed to bidding on all of the Heathrow slots that BA will be required to divest as a result of the sale.

My question is, will this sale EVER  go through?

What do you think, leave you comments below.

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Lucky Coins a fellow aviation blogger wrote a piece on the death diamond club this evening, you can find it here

The article starts out by saying you have one week to burn your miles. This is not accurate information. His post comes from the following quote on the bmi website.

It is the intention that bmi will begin to withdraw from Star Alliance at the date of completion of the sale, which we expect to be around 20 April, 2012.

bmi, Lufthansa and Star Alliance will be working together during the coming weeks to ensure bmi’s smooth exit from Star Alliance.

We will update you as soon as more information becomes available.

Well there are no surprises in that quote. The sale will be completed on the 20th of the month and bmi, and will exit *A soon after. Yes in order to redeem on Lufthansa group airlines, you will need to do that before the 20th. bmi will *a sometime after that and you will have to redeem on *A before that date. Or if you want, you could hold on to miles and they will be eventually converted to AVIOS miles in One World.

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The slow death is speeding up. Announced via e-mail on April 19th 2012 reward bookings will no longer be accepted for lufthansa group airlines. (Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, SWISS, and Austrian Airlines). While not unexpected with the change of ownership this does confirm that bmi is transitioning out of star alliance. At what date that is set to occur depends on the the contract bmi has with Star Alliance.

As with the trend of loyalty programs what once was very generous is now not so much. Value in bmi was found in two places, their business class and first class redemptions and cash + plus miles. Now the levels are normalized with Miles and More (the LH program, though that will change) which were not so generous and the tack on fuel surcharges to tickets, which on long haul flights can be 500-700 added on the ticket. Quite a lot to pay for what is a “free” ticker.

Oh well AVIOS here I come.

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Lufthansa’s sale of bmi to IAG (BA) has been conditionally approved. The combined airline will have to divest slots at LHR. For those that are heavily in the bmi program should think of burning their miles, lest they change into AVIOS miles.

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