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Airlines commit fraud on a continual basis, each day every day. Chances are if you have booked a ticket on an airline you have been a victim of fraud and you don’t even know it. Here’s how they do it and why they get away with it.

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The transportation business has been fraught with fraud since the time it came into being. Ever since there were commercial sailing vessels there have been people unable to pay who tried to stowaway on the ship.  Of course in ye ol days, stowaways would get tossed overboard at least there was the deterrent factor of a watery death to dissuade people from stealing a ride. With the invention of airlines fraud came as well. Apparently, it used to be easy, or at least purported to be. Helen Hays plays the part of an airline stowaway in the 1970 film “Airport”  and goes into great detail about how to stowaway on airlines. In addition to stowaways there are other ways to defraud airlines through their loyalty programs.

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I write this blog for fun. It helps me improve my writing and I enjoy sharing my adventures with you all who read my blog. Has it gone too far though? The most controversial activity right now in the blogging universe is referral links. Bloggers promote credit cards which can be churned for points. When someone applies for a credit card via, the blogger gets paid. Sure it is a win for the blogger and possibly the person getting the card, but in the age of financial austerity I don’t think more consumer debt the way go. Also I REFUSE to recommend any financial product generally, because each person’s financial situation is different.

But travel bloggers have started to diversify out of credit cards referrals and enter the world of “travel consulting.”

Travel consulting is a relatively new field where people who are so called experts offer their services to the general public. These people are not travel agents and generally run a fly-by-night operation. They don’t have a physical location, they don’t have E&O insurance, and there is no real recourse against them if something goes wrong.

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