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A short circuit in one of the battery cells caused the fire on-board the JAL 787 flight in Boston. The NTSB has ruled out mechanical failure as a cause of the short-circuit, and has turned to looking for manufacturing and design defects.

With mechanical failure eliminated as a cause of the fire, there is a either a failure in the design or a manufacturing defect. Obviously Boeing is hoping that it is a manufacturing defect so blame can be shifted to the manufacturer of the battery.

If the failure is determined to be a design defect, then Boeing will have to redesign the 787 battery and will be much longer before the 787 returns to service.


I will of course keep you updated.


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Delta announced they are canceling their once daily Tokyo-Seoul service as of the end of May. Delta inherited this route from merger partner Northwest which had previously been operated by NW A330s but is now down to 757 service. This leaves Delta serving Seoul out of Detroit. As far as I know this is the first Tokyo route cancellation Delta has made. It is also odd as it was widely thought that the Delta’s NRT operation was rather profitable.

DL 578/579 were timed to meet the Delta’s USA arrivals and departures in Narita. Delta clearly isn’t getting the performance they need out of the route. United so far has not announced termination of their NRT-ICN flight which may suggest that United is gaining ground in the Tokyo market. The other alternative is that Skyteam codeshare partner Korean Air is sufficient for Delta’s needs.

h/t Airline Route blog.

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JAL 787 Delivery

Credit to the PAE Airport Blog


Yesterday 3/26, well they left yesterday they were officially JAL’s on the 25th, Boeing delivered two 787s to JAL. JAL has come a long way since entering bankruptcy and fighting off a Delta take over.

JAL says its first international on the 787 will start in April and will be NRT-BOS. I know Boston is looking forward to seeing service to Japan. Presently alternative service has been through New York or Toronto.

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