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A short circuit in one of the battery cells caused the fire on-board the JAL 787 flight in Boston. The NTSB has ruled out mechanical failure as a cause of the short-circuit, and has turned to looking for manufacturing and design defects.

With mechanical failure eliminated as a cause of the fire, there is a either a failure in the design or a manufacturing defect. Obviously Boeing is hoping that it is a manufacturing defect so blame can be shifted to the manufacturer of the battery.

If the failure is determined to be a design defect, then Boeing will have to redesign the 787 battery and will be much longer before the 787 returns to service.


I will of course keep you updated.


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Nothing new to report. They are going to start trying to replicate the faults next week with “soft short” tests. Future updates will be on an as needed basis.

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Basically, the NTSB is conducting a microscopic inspection of the failed JAL battery. No clear suspect causes yet, a microscopic investigation suggests possibly a manufacturing defect or some sort of external damage. Next update is due on Feb. 1.

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On January 27th the US NTSB released an update of the 787 battery investigation.

The update is about what you would expect, nothing to report. The NTSB has completed the disassembly of most the batteries and they have found nothing so far. The most interesting thing found so far was that there was damage to the battery monitoring circuits on the JAL 787 that caught fire; though as of right now they do not know were damage came from.

I’ll keep you updated as the NTSB keeps me updated.

until later.

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