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Sorry for being away for the past couple of days, I’ve been kind of sick. But anyways on the with the show.

Previously, I reported on American applying to start LA-Sao Paulo this year and Chicago-Sao Paulo next year. Now airlines had 15 days to file bids. After those 15 days had expired, US Airways and Delta both filed bids. You can read all of the information in the bids in the link at the bottom of the page. Now lets start with U.S. Airways bid.

U.S. Airways is asking for 7 frequencies starting this October for Charlotte-Sao Paulo and 7 starting in 2014 for Philadelphia-Sao Paulo. Currently, U.S. Airways is leasing the frequencies to run Charlotte-Sao Paulo from United, so getting these frequencies would obviate the need for the lease.

Delta is asking for 14 frequencies to run Atlanta/JFK- Sao Paulo to start this year and 7 frequencies to start Detroit Sao-Paulo next year.

So there are 14 frequencies to be allocated this year. Delta wants all 14, American wants 7, and US wants 7. There are also 14 slots next year Which Delta wants 7, AA wants 7, and US wants 7. More applicants than frequencies so some will win and some will lose. Let’s start with this year.

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With an Airlines 101 post, china post, and a FAA post I just don’t have time to publish about each piece of news that came out this morning. Where sometimes you famine, today you feast.

Boeing announced they are going to cut up to twenty percent of their staff at the Charleston SC 787 plant. While Boeing did not announce a specific number 20 percent would be 1200 jobs. Best of luck to all those affected by the cuts.

Virgin Atlantic published their domestic schedule to start in April. London-Aberdeen will be three daily, London-Manchester will be three daily moving to four daily, and London-Edinburgh will be three daily moving to six times daily. published an article on Airline fees. I am not sure their math adds up, but I still find it funny that United Airlines maxes out at $666.00.

Finally, from the Travel Goods association in Las Vegas, we have a pillow blindfold combination that looks quite functional even though it looks like it came out of an alternative lifestyle store.

Happy Travels!


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Delta announced they are canceling their once daily Tokyo-Seoul service as of the end of May. Delta inherited this route from merger partner Northwest which had previously been operated by NW A330s but is now down to 757 service. This leaves Delta serving Seoul out of Detroit. As far as I know this is the first Tokyo route cancellation Delta has made. It is also odd as it was widely thought that the Delta’s NRT operation was rather profitable.

DL 578/579 were timed to meet the Delta’s USA arrivals and departures in Narita. Delta clearly isn’t getting the performance they need out of the route. United so far has not announced termination of their NRT-ICN flight which may suggest that United is gaining ground in the Tokyo market. The other alternative is that Skyteam codeshare partner Korean Air is sufficient for Delta’s needs.

h/t Airline Route blog.

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Spirit Airlines, the American LCC today added three new routes to their network starting in late April. Houston-Los Angeles, Las Vegas-Philadelphia, and Las Vegas-Baltimore.

Philadelphia is in direct competition with US Airways. Baltimore replaces an America West route abandoned after the merger with US Airways.

Houston-Los Angeles is a hub-to-hub route for United so it will be interesting to see what, if any, effect it has on United’s pricing in that market. Currently, United is charging $682.00 for a non-stop and Spirit is charging $83.00, probably closes to $170.00 after all the fees, for their non-stop.

This move by spirit is good for them. They get into a market that until recently has been dominated by United. However, recent actions by United show that are backing away from their Houston hub operation. It looks like Spirit is going to go into Houston and pick up some of that slack.

H/T to Airline Route Blog.

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Delta Airlines today loaded Atlanta – Anchorage 21JUN13 – 31AUG13 once daily for the summer season.

DL1776 will leave at 3:00 PM arriving in Anchorage at 6:30 PM. The return flight DL 1785 will leave Anchorage at 7:30 PM arriving in Atlanta at 6:35 AM + 1 day.  The flight which is 3,417 miles is just shorter than New York-London at 3,465 miles.

While it is a long flight, it is no where near the longest domestic flight which is New York to Honolulu at 4,962 miles, which is slightly longer than Seattle to Tokyo at 4,769 miles.

For the record the longest domestic flight in the world is Paris-Orly to Reunion Island which is 5,802 miles.



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Yesterday, I wrote about how an airline choses to end service. But how does an airline chose to start service? Well with most airlines new service comes from one the airline’s hubs to a new city. Evaluation of a new potential route involves evaluating potential traffic between the two cities, connecting traffic, economic factors, equipment and local issues. I am sure there is a lot more that goes into it, but that is the basic overview. What I didn’t know is that airlines can and do “crowdsource” new routes.

Today I found the website The website is a b2b site that matches airlines with airports. Airlines can submit a RFP to the site and if there is an airport that wants that service they can put in bid for it. The same is true for the airport. If they want service they can put a proposal for service and any incentives they will offer and airlines can reach out to them. I never really thought the internet would be used for this purpose, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. The internet is used for everything these days.

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