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Starting an airline is hard. Seriously it is really hard. Airlines have huge fixed costs, planes, staff, facilities, ect. Airlines have huge amounts of regulation that also discourage startup. I can think of only three start-ups in the past few years that have stuck around, JetBlue, Virgin America, and Vision Airlines. Of those three only JetBlue is really prospering. The numbers of failed start-ups is long and undistinguished. Now we have new carrier coming to the U.S., Travel Service. Travel Service is a Czech charter carrier that has decided to start regular service from Prague to Miami on a 737. Yes you heard that right 737 service.

Now 737s can fly Trans-Atlantic routes. Private Air flies 737 Trans-Atlantic service for KLM, Suisse, and Lufthansa in an all-business class configuration. Now, this is going to be regular service with coach service. Since, coach service crams more seats into the plane, the planes are heavier. This means they carry less fuel, and have a shorter range. There is no way this could ever be a non-stop flight. Travel Services has added in a fuel stop in the Azores to compensate for this. Even with the fuel stop, the flight is much shorter than connecting service in the U.S. or Europe; so if you are going from Miami to Prague this is the way to go.

Convenience asides this flight is not going to last, if it starts at all. I am sure there are people that want fly from Miami to Prague and the return. However, the number of people who actually want this flight is quite small. Delta want to try something similar with the Azores, they were going to use the Azores as a scissors hub to Africa. People would fly to the Azores from Atlanta and then split off into a half-dozen Africa flights, this service never got off the page. I firmly expect this to be the same with the Travel Service flight. It looks bad on paper, and that’s where it will stay.